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PE and the New North American Energy Opportunity

North America Energy WebinarAn expert overview of the revolutionary changes to the North American energy landscape and what this means for PE investors.

Energy Game Change: The New North American Opportunity

energy_game_changeWhy has the game changed profoundly in North America for energy investing? With experts from Denham Capital, NGP Energy Capital Management and EY.

New Frontiers in Capital Formation

SPECIALREPORT_CAPITALFORMATION_COVER_smallCapital for private equity investing is increasingly being formed via a dizzying array of publicly listed vehicles. What does this trend mean for private equity? What kind of an opportunity does it present for a much larger pool of potential investors?

Women & Private Equity: Building a Career

WomenInPEBriefCoverAn executive summary of the Privcap Webinar. Learn about what it takes to accelerate your PE career.

Entrepreneurs, Development & Emerging Markets

entrepreneurs_developmentAn executive summary of the Privcap thought leadership series about how entrepreneurs, backed by private capital, can impact emerging market economies.

Private Equity Performance Q1 2014

An exclusive report on private equity performance. This issue includes buyout fund performance, the importance of top-quartile and emerging markets performance.

The Craft of the Carve-Out

carveoutbrief_wpheroAn executive summary of the Privcap series Carve-Outs: The Art & Science of Dealmaking.