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Free On-Demand: Private Equity in India

updatedAn Expert Overview of a Vast and Rapidly Transforming Opportunity

PE Value- Creation Stories

ValueCreationBriefigcoverAn executive summary of the Privcap series exploring how GPs create value. In this briefing—produced in partnership with EY—you’ll find 10 case studies detailing how private equity improves portfolio companies.

India Opens Up

IndiahomepagepicIndia’s new government is pro-business, family-owned companies are welcoming investments, and exits are available. In this Privcap briefing based on a webinar discussion, three experts discuss how this translates into an opportunity for private equity.

Five Compliance Gray Areas in Need of Clarity

coverThree mid-market CFOs discuss partnering with the ACG to compile best practices in order to stay in step with SEC regulations.

Privcap Presents: Steve Pagliuca

PagliucaBriefingCoverAt the February 18 Privcap Presents event, Bain Capital managing partner Steve Pagliuca was interviewed by Privcap CEO David Snow about the firm’s focus on taking businesses global, and its investment in outerwear company Canada Goose. This briefing contains a condensed version of that conversation.

Private Equity Fund Formation

Screen-Shot-2015-04-01-at-4.33.39-PMA discussion of how GPs and LPs discuss fees associated with fund formation.

Dealmakers Compendium 2015

coverDeals are the darling babies of private equity GPs and receive the lion’s share of attention and ego. As such, Privcap features a steady stream of deal-related commentary from GPs on the front lines of the private equity market. The aim of this Dealmakers Compendium is to present some of Privcap’s best commentary on this critical topic.