January 7, 2020
Interviewed by: Matt Malone
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On Demand Webinar: PE Value-Add Through Cybersecurity

An expert conversation about how GPs can protect and add value via data security

As more than a few private equity investors have learned, missing cybersecurity weaknesses in portfolio companies can lead to catastrophic losses. But just as importantly, making improvements to a company’s cybersecurity infrastructure can position it for a more lucrative exit. 

This in-depth conversation features two cybersecurity experts who have years of experience helping private equity sponsors navigate the complexities of data security. You will learn:

  • The significant potential costs of failing to invest in adequate cybersecurity due diligence 
  • Red flags to look out for 
  • How potential buyers value upgraded cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Evaluating and improving cybersecurity as a form of value-add
  • Cautionary tales and success stories from the front lines

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