July 14, 2014
Interviewed by: David Snow

Expert Q&A with Steven Millner of Gen II Fund Services

Steven Millner describes how Gen II Fund Services enables private equity firms to deliver on investors’ requirements.

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Expert Q&A

With Steven Millner of Gen II Fund Services

Steven Millner, Gen II Fund Services:

Gen II Fund Services is a leading independent private equity administrator. We have over 65 billion dollars of capital under administration making us one of the largest independent non-bank administrators globally. We deliver a platform to our clients, a platform that consists of people, process and technology. Think about us as the people who prepare your capital call letters, distribution notices, we prepare financial statements.

We compute performance metrics, IRRs, multiples, and lastly, we track the preferred return, compute the waterfall and the carried interest. Our objective is to enable our clients to deliver to their limited partners best in class reporting while at the same time enabling their organization to really focus on their investment portfolio.