The future of marketing is content. Privcap produces the best digital content for the private capital industry, and specializes in partnering with companies seeking to convey their expertise to the market via high-quality, shareable content. Privcap content turns your contact database into an engaged audience.

Companies that once attempted to reach potential investment-firm clients via print ads and mass-distribution brochures are now looking for more content-driven strategies to convey their message. The popularity of surveys, white papers and conference sponsorships speaks to this trend. But the digital media revolution has created new opportunities to reach potential customers via powerful new formats.

Privcap was founded in 2010 to create a platform to showcase the best ideas and people in the private capital markets. We understand the business of private equity and, therefore, are uniquely positioned to conceive and produce sophisticated conversations of interest to the full range of market participants.

To date, we have produced hundreds of thought leadership videos and distribute them to an audience of general and limited partners, industry service providers, etc. Many of these programs have sponsors and, where additive, showcase the expertise and insights of senior executives from the sponsoring organizations.

Privcap’s Audience

About 2,500 market participants visit Privcap.com each week to engage with our content, and our audience continues to grow globally. Privcap audience breakdown is roughly as follows:

  • 31 % GPs
  • 16% LPs
  • 25% Professional Service Providers
  • 28%  Other Professionals and Academics


Please contact Gill Torren, gtorren@privcap.com, 646-233-4559, for more information.