June 25, 2014
Interviewed by: David Snow
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Expert Q&A with Robert Partridge of EY

A conversation about EY’s services for private equity firms investing in China.

A conversation about EY’s services for private equity firms investing in China.

Expert Q&A

With Bob Partridge of EY

How does EY help private equity firms invest successfully in China?

Bob Partridge: With private equity in China, EY really helps deliver superior returns, whether it’s helping originate deals at the front end or helping execute from a diligent structuring standpoint, to value creation once investments are made, to exit readiness, to audits of the investees, to tax and consulting advice, we’re there from the front end of the landscape to exit and beyond, helping private equity deliver superior returns.

One thing about EY that differentiates us is we’re very passionate about private equity in China. Certainly, others are too. But, if anything, we’ve overinvested in this space. Having worked on about 200 deals last year, and 70 in the first four months of this year, the ability to predict what we’re going to see next and help GP’s get through the execution landscape quickly, assess what kind of things they need for day-one readiness, and start to put their eyes, for those deals that are going to close, on value creation—that’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

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