Annual Meetings

Top 10 Reasons Your Annual Meeting Needs Video

Incorporating video into your communications strategy is no longer a nice to have but a need to have.

  1. Your new Gen Z investor responds to video.
  2. Attention spans are short: the brain processes visuals far more quickly than any other medium.
  3. Videos can say more in 2 minutes than a person can say in 2 hours.
  4. Video shows your unique story, vision and differentiation better than any deck can.
  5. Today’s audience is remote. Videos are viewable anywhere and everywhere, just like your annual meeting attendees.
  6. People are busy. Recording an annual meeting allows them to absorb information on their own time and at their own pace.
  7. Your brand matters and you can enhance it dynamically and creatively through videos to open and close your annual meeting leaving a lasting impression of your firm.
  8. To drive attendance at your annual meetings, you need quality and thought provoking content. Video showcases your knowledge and expertise and can also be used across marketing channels.
  9. Your meeting has a set date and start time, but not every LP can attend.  Recording your annual meeting and creating an on demand video makes your annual meeting always available to every investor. The option to play it at a faster speed to catch highlights is always appreciated.
  10. Last, but certainly not least - Today’s investors want to align with a firm that has a strong message, a successful track record and a commitment to community, equality and the environment. Your annual meeting is the place to showcase all of the good work your firm has done throughout the year and video is the best way to communicate your firm’s expertise, culture and approach.

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