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A veteran journalist and corporate video producer suggests best practices and important considerations.

Explainer videos are short impactful videos that demonstrate a complex product, service or aspect of your business to your audience. Explainer videos can be used in a “How-To” format that communicates a step-by-step process helpful to the viewer.

You can tell a story with an explainer video showcasing your firm’s value and differentiation or you can use explainer videos to describe a service, tool or platform your business offers that is very complex to communicate through other means.  Incorporating animation and motion graphics will help drive important data points home.  Most of all, explainer videos can be reused and repurposed across your various communication channels from your website, to your LinkedIn page, client communications etc…

Making Explainer Videos 101

The Script

Write your script.  Your script needs to address any questions or concerns your audience may have, who you are and what is the definition of your product or service.  Don’t forget to be clear on what you want the audience to do after watching. As always, less is more.

The Message

Make your message stick.  The goal of an explainer video is to clearly define what it is you are trying to communicate and clearly communicate what you want them to do with the information.  In order to do that, you need an engaging video with strong visual, enticing animations and enjoyable music.  The music you chose can dictate so much so be sure it matches the tone of your videa and will resonate with your target audience.

The Video Duration

Going back to my earlier statement, less is more and your explainer video should be no more than 3 minutes.  Two minutes tends to be the sweet spot.  But regardless, the first few seconds matter the most.  If you don’t wow your audience from the beginning, they won’t stay till the end.

See a recent example here:

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