December 10, 2013
Interviewed by: Kathleen O'Donnell

Expert Q&A With Philippe Leroy of EY

An expert conversation about preparing for an exit with Philippe Leroy of EY.

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Expert Q&A with Philippe Leroy of EY

How does EY help a private equity-backed portfolio company prepare for an exit process?

Leroy: Management has little time to manage a business and a sale process simultaneously, so you want to ensure that you have consistent information. Consistent information will expedite the process, create competitive tension and really support the value story that will be monetized when you do a sale.

How do you compile the information?

Leroy: It’s time that you should spend upfront to reduce diligence time later on. So it’s a lot of interviews with management, it’s a lot of data compilation, it’s a lot of understanding the story. The time we spend is typically very rewarding for the fund, as well as for management.

How is your team and its work additive to the sales process?

Leroy: We know what to prepare, we know what’s going to be accepted, not accepted, and we work very closely with the investment bankers to help with the same, to help with the numbers. What you end up with is a story that is supported, anchored into numbers that are believable and make sense, and this is what the value of this preparation for sale is.