November 3, 2014
Interviewed by: David Snow

Expert Q&A With Michael Rogers of EY

EY’s Michael Rogers tells Privcap about his firm’s involvement in the Pacific Alliance, a trade bloc of four Latin American countries, and how private equity in the region is evolving.

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Expert Q&A
With Michael Rogers of EY

What is EY’s presence in the Pacific Alliance and how does the firm help businesses in the region to thrive?

Mike Rogers, EY:

Our primary focus in the Pacific Alliance is to help private equity funds to not only source ideas and find opportunities, but also to execute the diligence and look at the tax structuringtype work. We’re helping more and more through the valuecreation phase as well. Ultimately, we help with exits and we help them monetize and realize if it’s either through an IPO or through a secondary sale or a trade sale to some larger entity somewhere in the world.  But the principal part of our business that seems to be thriving is in the private equity work in Colombia, in Mexico. We have a very big franchise of folks in those markets and we’re growing and adding people.

What kind of help do companies in the region seek from EY?

Rogers: While we’ve seen corporate governance continue to improve in many of those markets, and a lot of the companies in those markets understand that if they’re going to be received on the world stage, they have to have good corporate governance and good financial arrangements. A lot of our work around is making sure on the diligence front that we understand exactly what our clients are getting into. There’s not only the financial side, making sure the statements are correct, but looking at the taxes as well. So, there’s a lot of focus on the financial diligence along with the tax component, just making sure the investments make sense and fit into the portfolios of these companies.