November 24, 2016
Interviewed by: Privcap
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The LP Case for ESG Webinar

Privcap presents a fascinating conversation with two investment officers at North Carolina Department of State Treasurer who conducted research benchmarking ESG policies and impact across major institutional investors.

This 45-minute, interactive expert webinar will teach you:

  • Why should an institutional investor consider implementing an ESG program?
  • How did North Carolina design its research project?
  • What were the key findings of the research, completed in September of this year?
  • How do endowments and foundations differ from US public pensions in their focus on ESG?
  • What are the range of ways that ESG is defined for investment institutions?
  • What evidence is there that ESG has an impact on performance?
  • What is the difference between ESG programs for public markets and for private equity?


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