September 11, 2013
Interviewed by: David Snow

Expert QA: Lina Russo of MVision

Lina Russo of placement agent MVision describes what makes her firm unique.

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Expert Q&A

Lina Russo, MVision Private Equity Advisers

What is unique about the way that MVision approaches the fundraising market?

Lina Russo, MVision:

We spend an enormous amount of time getting to know the general partner, understanding the team, their track record and conducting the same diligence that a limited partner would conduct. Making reference calls, and building that knowledge base allows us to understand the GP. Our knowledge and insights that we have from the LP community, engaging with them and transacting with them globally, allows us to create very targeted fundraising.

From a limited partner’s perspective, we’re able to then share all of the information that we gleamed over during our own diligence process and allow them to then facilitate and accelerate their diligence process.

We have lots of our managers come back to us fund after fund, and that’s because we’re more than just an agent that’s helping them with a particular transaction. We’re an advisor that works with them to help them build their business, to help them in between fundraisings, and in creating a very transparent communication link to their LPs, both existing and prospective.