February 14, 2013
Interviewed by: David Snow
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KKR’s Marc Lipschultz: The Energy ‘Revolution’

The oft-hailed “revolution” in the global oil and gas industry is indeed “completely transforming the nature of the energy complex,” according to Marc Lipschultz, Member and Head of Energy and Infrastructure at KKR. In a Privcap interview, Lipshultz discusses the way that KKR likes to partner with operators in the energy space and how the firm brings more than capital to its investments, describes the challenge of turning assets in the Marcellus and Eagle Ford Shales into producing assets, argues that the new oil and gas opportunity is not even midway to its full potential, and describes why he believes that “not all shales are created equal” and the market will begin to bifurcate into winners and losers. This is essential viewing for anyone serious about allocating capital to the real assets and energy strategies.

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