June 15, 2018
Interviewed by: Privcap

Helping Clients Add Value Through M&A

Gavin Backos of RSM describes the integration expertise he and his team of consultants offer to GPs.

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Helping Clients Add Value Through M&A

Gavin Backos, RSM: I run a team of management consultants. We help portfolio companies integrate add-ons, carve-outs, and build organic growth to their portfolio base. Our team is specialized in executing these deals with precision to support a successful outcome of these integrations.

We focus on the finance integration, the IT integration, the operational integration, the sales, CRM, marketing integration.

Our clients expect us to bring specialty resources and folks that have the years of experience, that can bring opinions and bring recommendations.

I think best successes we’ve had is when we’re involved before the deal closes, where we’re able to understand the deal thesis, we’re able to understand some of the operational and some of the technical aspects of the integration and we have the time to plan.

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