October 27, 2014
Interviewed by: David Snow
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Expert Q&A With Hank Boggio of iLEVEL Solutions

Hank Boggio of iLEVEL Solutions discusses the need for better information sharing in private equity.

Hank Boggio of iLEVEL Solutions discusses the need for better information sharing in private equity.

Expert Q&A
With Hank Boggio of iLEVEL Solutions

How can iLEVEL’s platform help the private equity asset class grow?

Hank Boggio, iLEVEL Solutions: We believe at iLEVEL that by providing a limited partner or an institutional investor with deeper access to data, they’ll have the ability to have more confidence in their data, to effectively be able to monitor and measure the performance of their portfolio, ultimately increasing the asset class allocation, ultimately getting better returns in total.

Talk about iLEVEL’s origins within the Blackstone Group.

Boggio: Today over 100 GPs use our technology. What Blackstone realized several years ago was, that inefficiency of having access to data that was spread across the organization, prone to errors, difficulty in trying to aggregate that. Very time consuming processes. They have expensive resources on the investment teams that were spending upwards of 80% of their time chasing data as opposed to doing what they’re paid to do which is essentially analyze that information, assess performance and ultimately source new deals. So, having it centrally stored really gave them the ability then to effectively and efficiently use that data for a variety of reporting purposes.

Yeah. If you look at allocations today from an LP’s perspective, they’re really putting a small percentage, 6, 7, 8, 10% perhaps into their overall portfolio. The reason that’s so limited is because they don’t or they haven’t had the ability to effectively look at that data to assess risk and exposure. Where do they have an issue in a portfolio?  Do they have a particular allocation that’s perhaps needs to be hedged against the public markets? So, while the asset class has always outperformed the public markets, or at least in most cases has outperformed the public market asset class, they haven’t had the confidence in the data that they have, or perhaps the lack of access to that data is the reason why they’ve not been able to increase the allocation to the asset class.

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