January 30, 2013
Interviewed by: David Snow

Expert Q&A With Mounir Guen, MVision

Mounir Guen of MVision Private Equity Advisers speaks with Privcap about what makes MVision unique.

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Privcap: What makes MVision unique? 

Mounir Guen: We really believe in what we do. And we believe in those that we represent. And that passion is very important today to differentiate when diligence processes can get quite intense. And we have to be able to have clarity of vision in understanding who we’re representing, and why we’re representing them, And never lose that through the process.

We actually have a higher component of first-time funds than many others do. And we have a higher component of geographic spread than others do. And it is very typical for us to have spent a couple of years understanding and getting comfortable with a particular potential client.

And so that when we do bring them to market, we have a very good grasp of the people, their companies, and their track records, and their experiences, their pipeline, the environment in which they are investing and active in. And that then leads to the fact that we’re very comfortable. That we’ve made a very good decision to back someone. And we believe in them.