November 4, 2013
Interviewed by: Kathleen O'Donnell

Expert Q&A with Colin Sanderson

An expert Q&A with Colin Sanderson of RSM.

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Expert Q&A with Colin Sanderson of RSM

What is unique in the way that RSM works with private equity funds?

Sanderson: RSM is the fifth largest accounting firm in the United States and has significant global capabilities. We work with 1,200 private equity funds globally. We are able to serve private equity funds from an order tax, as well as consulting perspective, both at the fund and at the portfolio level, as well as over the life-­‐cycle of the fund.

What services does RSM offer private-­‐equity firms through the investment life-­‐cycle?

Sanderson: Our financial services groups work with firms in terms of structuring their fund, from a tax perspective as well as working with their counsel.

Also, we’re able to serve the fund, post the deal, and form an assurance tax, as well as consulting perspective, whether that be merger integration, or they’re looking at technology process improvements at that company.

Our 90 offices allow us to work with private-­‐equity funds in any geographic location to mobilize a team quickly, to that location or from that location, to serve them.