March 15, 2012
Interviewed by: David Snow
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Deal Flow 2012

Office real estate “houses the economy,” is an oft-repeated truism. So how is the US economy looking today, and how do three veterans of the real estate investment business feel about today’s flow of investment opportunities?

In the first segment of a fascinating multi-part video discussion series, market analysis is shared by Todd Henderson, Head of Americas for RREEF Real Estate; Sonny Kalsi, Founding Partner of GreenOak Real Estate, and Stephen Tomlinson, a Partner with Kirkland & Ellis. The discussion in this segment focuses on pricing in the US office sector and to what extent it got “out of hand;” the effects of dislocation and “exogenous shocks” around the world; the effects of low interest rates on return prospects; the reason the distressed property opportunity is hard to gauge; and why high-quality real estate is “going to recover at a premium to the junk.”

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