June 16, 2014
Interviewed by: David Snow
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Expert Q&A with Dave Noonan of RSM

An expert conversation with Dave Noonan, National Director of Private Equity Consulting at RSM.

An expert conversation with Dave Noonan, National Director of Private Equity Consulting at RSM.

Expert Q&A
With Dave Noonan, National Director, Private Equity Consulting, RSM

What is unique about the RSM offering to private equity firms?

Dave Noonan, RSM: Our private equity value-creation program was based on the fundamental issue that private equity firms are in the business of buying companies, creating value during a whole cycle, and selling those companies for a profit and a return to their limited partners. The services we’ve put together to address that market revolve around things we provide day-to-day in a commercial marketplace, whether it be expertise, functional expertise, vertical experience, technology, or methodology—those types of things we’re wellversed in throughout our consulting organization.

We’ve simply applied those resources very strategically, either at a point in time in the investment cycle, or for specific types of transactions where we can extract the most value for our private equity clients through that service offering.

What are some services RSM leverages for private equity clients?

Noonan: It starts with things that happen preLOI or predeal—everything from quality of earnings reporting to tax due diligence, IT and operational due diligence, and even rapid assessments on a market feasibility for a certain asset that a private equity firm is thinking about acquiring.   

  When you get into the deal side, the transaction side of it, we focus more on process innovation, performance improvement, solutions, technology solutions, and infrastructure solutions that can allow that asset to build a foundation for future growth.   

As you go through the predivestiture cycle and get closer to the time when you’re going to exit, the services revolve around how you apply those same assets at a different point to impact the enterprise value shortlybeforesale.

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