Privcap Custom Content

Privcap Media produces high-quality digital content for its own global audience. Let the Privcap editorial team produce customized content for your firm, enabling you to powerfully connect with existing investors, potential investors and other market participants.


Custom ContentPrivcap Custom Content helps general partners and industry service providers create private-label digital media that speak directly to current and prospective clients. We act as your editorial partners in planning and producing videos and supporting digital media that brings to life the talent of your firm.

– Improve your Annual General Meeting with well produced videos, which can be shown at the meeting itself as well as shared with investors who couldn’t attend

– Support your next fundraising effort with video interviews shared privately with prospects

– Stand out in a crowded deal market – share market insights with potential sellers and management teams

Working with Privcap Custom Content

Video production is the least important aspect of our expertise–we deeply understand private capital and how to convey the right message to different market constituents. We serve as your editorial partner in creating high-quality, powerful media that tell your firm’s story and broadcast its expertise.

We do all the heavy lifting–organizing production schedules, preparing interviewees, managing post-production, and creating related content like PDF publications. Privcap can also manage your library of video assets and produce new compilations, clips and promotional materials to match your evolving business needs.

Studio Shot Large
Did you know that Privcap has a video-production studio in Midtown, NYC? We make it convenient for your professionals to come in and turn their expertise into powerful video assets.

We adhere to the highest production values, providing our clients with content that matches the professionalism of its people and its brand image. Our videos and digital media can be incorporated into the firm’s web site and/or provided to client’s on a targeted basis.
Content created on a custom basis is your content–not “regular” Privcap editorial content. You may freely post it on your site, or we can work with you to place it behind a password for private access.

Our custom offerings start with a conversation about your goals, but they can include:


– One-on-one and panel discussions highlighting your firm’s talent, outlook, investment theses and market analysis
– Deal Stories – short video segments highlighting stories from your investment portfolio
– Portfolio executive interviews – in-depth interviews with the top executives from your portfolio–allowing interested investors to engage with these critical managers in an efficient and powerful format

Other digital media

– Digital magazines and white papers
– Webinars
– Live webcasts
– E-mail newsletters

For more information on how Privcap Custom can help create stronger relationships with your investors and clients, contact Gill Torren at

[Read co-founder David Snow’s article, “The Power of Video,” published in Middle Market Growth magazine.]

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