Join the Leveraged Finance Fights Melanoma Event

Join in the fight against melanoma—network and have fun at the upcoming Leveraged Finance Fights Melanoma event May 20, 2014, in NYC. Register here to attend. In the following series of interviews, four melanoma survivors tell their compelling and hopeful stories. Created by Privcap in partnership with the Melanoma Research Alliance and Leveraged Finance Fights Melanoma, they feature people you may know from the private capital markets, an indication of the pervasiveness of a serious disease that is often treatable if caught early. The first story is told by the Blacks, who formed the MRA and to date have funded it with $40 million.

Debra & Leon Black’s Story

When Debra Black was diagnosed with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, her family was given a quick and harrowing education in the pervasiveness of the disease. In a candid joint interview with her husband, Apollo Global Management founder Leon Black, the two tell the story of the shocking initial diagnosis, her successful treatment and how the experience led them to fund the creation of the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) with the guidance of their good friend, financial and philanthropic pioneer Michael Milken.

Brendan Dillon’s Story

Having spent much of his youth under the sun as a sailor, Brendan was no stranger to sunburns. Years later he noticed a spot on his calf that turned out to be melanoma. In this interview, Dillon, a senior executive at UBS, shares the story of his diagnosis and successful treatment, and tells why he is now involved with the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA).

Jeff Rowbottom’s Story

A “little pink nodule” on Jeff Rowbottom’s knee turned out to be something big – melanoma. The diagnosis and successful surgery led Rowbottom, a senior executive at KKR, to become involved with the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), an organization based on the results-oriented model for backing research pioneered by Michael Milken. In this interview, Rowbottom shares his own story and describes the mission of the MRA to cure melanoma through cutting-edge research and by spreading awareness of this insidious but preventable disease.

James and Rusty’s Story

James Cross and Rusty Cline go way back. When Rusty was given a melanoma “death warrant” six years ago, Cross joined his friend in a long and daunting search for successful treatment options. With Cline’s health deteriorating, Cross connected with a board member at the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) and learned of cutting-edge research that was making a difference. In a joint video interview, Cross and Cline tell a story of diminishing hope being replaced by new optimism thanks to treatment techniques backed by the MRA.