August 15, 2012
Interviewed by: David Snow
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Craig Jarchow: Investing in Fracking’s ‘Holy Grail’

Required viewing for any investor with a serious interest in the changing energy space. The world’s energy industry is going through revolutionary change driven largely by technological leaps made in the natural gas business – and investors who understand how and where to capture the value of these new extraction techniques will profit handsomely, says Craig Jarchow, a Managing Director at New York-based Pine Brook, a major investor in the energy space.

In a fascinating interview with Privcap’s David Snow, Jarchow explains why new “fracking” techniques represent a long-sought “holy grail” in natural gas extraction, describes the third-wave technology behind the fracturing of “crappy rock,” and discusses the political and environmental challenges that still face companies that use fracking technology. As a private equity investor, Jarchow discusses how his firm seeks to create cash by partnering with the best project management teams, gives his analysis of the very competitive landscape among energy-sector investors, and explains why sand from Wisconsin and Minnesota is in high demand.

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