Victor Hugo Rodriguez

Managing Partner, VenAlternatives

Victor Hugo Rodriguez is the Founder and CEO of LatAm Alternatives. Victor Hugo has over 17 years of experience in Management, Sales, Marketing and Business Development across the securities industry in the US-LatAm region. He was Partner and Head of Latin American Prime Brokerage for Merlin Securities (Mid Tier Prime Broker) and Director of Global Institutional Sales at Trade Station Securities. Before he worked as Director of Latin America for Terra Nova Trading (now Light Speed Trading) and in the late 90’s he was the Founding President & CEO of Latin America. He has been a live TV Economics News Anchor and currently serves as the Founding Director of The Hedge Fund Association (HFA) – LatAm Chapter and Member of the STA (Security Traders Association) of Florida. Recently he co-published a white paper “The Spectrum of Investors for Latin American Hedge Funds”, and has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Institutional Investors, EuroMoney, Bloomberg, The Trade News, LatAm Fund Manager, Financial Times,, LIQ, Traders Magazine, FinWeek, Finalternatives, HFMweek, Yorba TV, Alternative Latin Investors Magazine and Funds People during the last few weeks.