Tom Mills

Managing Director, Cos Capital

Tom Mills,Managing Director, heads up the US investment management business. Prior to joining COS Capital, Mr. Mills was CEO of MGPA-Japan, managing its 50-personoffice in Tokyo. In addition to managing investor relations, acquisitions andasset management for existing and new funds, he helped launch and raise a fund targeting German institutional investors. Before joining MGPA, Mr. Mills was Executive Director at UBS, managing JRF, the largest retail-sector Japan RealEstate Investment Trust (J-REIT), and IIF, the only J-REIT with infrastructure assets. Mr. Mills became a member of the investment committee of the UBSJ-REITS in 2004. In his first two years with UBS, Mr. Mills worked as head ofresearch for Europe and Asia Pacific. Mr. Mills was previously a Principal in Lend Lease’s Berkeley CA division, where he arranged the issuance of convertible preferred shares in US REITS for institutional clients, and as research head for international and equity capital markets, provided advice tointernational clients on core, value-add and opportunistic investment strategies in multiple countries. He holds an MBA from University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.