Sacha Ghai

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Sacha leads McKinsey & Company's Global Institutional Investor service line, which serves retirement systems, pension plans, endowments, and family offices around the world. He also has extensive experience in the field of private equity, including conducting over 50 due diligence studies, developing private equity strategies, and working to create value in portfolio companies. Sacha has served leading institutional investors—including pension funds in North America and sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East and Asia—across a wide range of issues. In particular, he has helped several such investors develop long-term multi-asset class strategies—including their investment philosophies, business models, choices on direct versus indirect investing, and approaches to relationship management. Sacha also helps institutional investors organize to deliver on their chosen strategies by improving their supporting investment processes—including due diligence on direct investments, and external manager selection criteria—as well as by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all middle and back office functions. He has personally led three finance functions transformations in the past two years, helping institutions streamline processes and improve effectiveness. Sacha spent a year as a Fellow of the McKinsey Global Institute where he led a major research effort on the impact of global demographic change on international capital markets. His work has been presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and has appeared in publications including Business Week, the Financial Times, and the McKinsey Quarterly. Sacha has served on the Board of Trillium Health Partners since 2010, including on the Board’s Quality Committee. Before joining McKinsey, Sacha was a successful entrepreneur in the insurance industry.