Marty Reed

Chief Executive Officer, Evok Innovations

Marty Reed spent the last 5 years as a Partner with The Roda Group, an early stage venture capital firm focused on clean technology. Having served in operating roles at multiple Roda Group portfolio companies, he joined the firm in 2010. Over the last few years Marty has served on the Boards on numerous cleantech ventures. Most recently Marty served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of mOasis, the creator of a soil amendment product that allows farmers to increase crop yields while reducing water and fertilizer applications. He also served on the Board of Directors of Inventys, the developer of a low-cost method for capturing carbon dioxide from industrial sources, Gridtential, the developer of high-performance, low-cost energy storage systems and Axine, the creator of a low-cost, chemical free solution for treating toxic wastewater.