John Haddock

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, CHAMP Private Equity

John Haddock is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of CHAMP Private Equity (‘CHAMP’). He joined CHAMP in 2002 and is a member of its Board of Directors, Investment Committee and Remuneration Committee. Prior to joining CHAMP, John had a career in investment banking, working in the Structured Debt division of Westpac Institutional Bank and the M&A and Equity Capital Markets divisions of Credit Suisse First Boston. John is responsible for leading the day to day investment program at CHAMP and managing the firm. John also manages CHAMP’s investment inn Alleasing, ATF and Accolade Wines. He also managed CHAMP’s investment in United Malt Holdings which won private equity deal of the year in 2010 from both AVCAL and the AFR’s CFO magazine.