Gary Garrabrant

Managing Partner, Jaguar Growth Partners

Gary Garrabrant is managing partner of Jaguar Growth Partners, founded with Thomas McDonald in 2013. Prior to the creation of Jaguar Growth Partners, Mr. Garrabrant co-founded and was chief executive officer of Equity International. He was the principal architect of Equity International, providing strategic direction and overseeing all of the Company's activities and investment portfolio. Mr. Garrabrant founded Equity International with Sam Zell in 1999. Over the course of 15 years, Equity International was transformed from an entrepreneurial enterprise to an institutional investment management company, recognized as setting a new standard as an investor and builder of companies in the emerging markets. Mr. Garrabrant served as a director for a number of portfolio companies, vice chairman of Homex (NYSE: HXM) and chairman of Gafisa (NYSE: GFA).