Eduardo Grytz

Founding Partner, Performa Investimentos

Eduardo Grytz, CFA is the Founder of Performa Investimentos and Performa Investimentos SC-I Fundo Mútuo de Investimento em Empresas Emergentes Inovadoras serves as its Managing Partner. Grytz was an Investment Analyst at BancBoston Capital, Inc. Grytz joined the BancBostonin December 1999. Grytz worked for three years with the Mergers and Acquisitions Group of BankBoston in Brazil. He was a Principal at BancBoston Ventures, Inc. He also worked with the Corporate Finance division of Santander Investment in Brazil. Grytz serves as Director of Acelera Partners Aceleradora de Projetos SA. Grytz is a C.F.A. charterholder since 2009.