Charles W. Bauer

Managing Director

David Wachter

Managing Director

Ken Wainer

Founding Partner

Nicole Walker


Silda Wall Spitzer


Melissa Waller

Deputy Treasurer and Chief of Staff

Robyn Walsh


Elaine Walsh


Maurício Wanderley

CIO, Fundação Vale do Rio Doce de Seguridade Social VALIA

Chris Ward

Head of Business Development

Eric Warner

Co-CEO & Head of IR

Marc Warren


David Wasserman

Executive Director, Real Estate Department

David Watson


Tony Weber

Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Richard Weber

Founding partner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Douglas Weber

Sponsored Content Development

Ira Weidhorn

Managing Director, Co-Head

Doug Weill

Managing Partner

Adam Weinstein

Managing Director

Mark Weisdorf


Paul Weisenfeld


Howard Weiss

Senior Vice President, CFO, CCO

Kenneth Weissenberg


Peter Wells

Partner, Central Europe

Boris Wertz

Founder & General Partner

Peter Westmeyer

President, Managing Director

Bob White

Founder, President

John White

Managing Director

Colin Wiel

Chief Investment Officer, Board of Trustees

DeVon Wiens

Partner, Health Care Practice

Vicky Williams

Managing Director

Harry Wilson

Republican Candidate

Gavin Wilson


Michael Wilson

Chief Financial Officer/CCO

Matt Wilson

Managing Director & Co-Portfolio Manager, Special Situations Group

Michael Wilson

Chief Financial Officer/CCO

David Wilton

CIO of Global Private Equity

Doug Winshall


Fred Witt

Certified Tax Specialist

Peter Witte

Private Equity Strategic Analyst

Neil Wizel

Managing Director

Aaron Wolfe

Managing Director

Max Wolff

Chief Economist

Gene Wolfson

Partner, Investor Relations & Business Development

Nicolas Wollack

Founder & Managing Partner

Alisa Wood

Member, Client and Partner Group

Mike Woollatt


Jim Worms

Chairman, CEO

Pamela Wright

Managing Director

Tommy Wright

Partner, Private Client Services

Kirk Wycoff

Managing Partner