John M. Coogan


David M. Marchick

Managing Director

Scott MacDonald

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Hugh MacDonnell

Managing Director, Head of Client Capital Management

Richard Mack

Founder & CEO

Christopher Macke

Senior Real Estate Strategist

Scott Mackin

Managing Partner and Co-President

Greg MacKinnon

Director of Research

Alasdair Maclay


Scott MacLeod

Managing Director

Earl Macomber


Kerrie MacPherson

Principal and Entrepreneurial Winning Women Executive Sponsor

Cyrus Madon

Senior Managing Partner

Sally Mahloudji Vogelhut

Managing Director

Satyan Malhotra


Nadim Malik

Founder and Chief Executive

Sebastian Mallaby

Paul A. Volcker Senior Fellow for International Economics

Simon Mallinson

Executive Managing Director

Lord Malloch-Brown

Executive Board

Matthew Malone

SVP, Content & Digital Strategy

T.J. Maloney


Mario Malta

Managing Director

Greg Mansell

Vice President, Head of Applied Research

Sanjay Mansukhani

Senior Member

Flavio Mantesso

Managing Partner

Cathy Marcus

Managing Director

Marcos Marinho Lutz


Joncarlo Mark

Founder, Managing Member

Mona Marquardt


Phillip Marra

National Audit Leader

Martina Marshall-Edwards

Director of Alumni & Alternative Investments Program

Peter Martenson


Dr. Martin Haemmig


Hector Martinez

Managing Director

Mark Maruszewski


Jordan Marye

Managing Director

Ben Marzouk

Managing Director

Kevin Masse

Chief Portfolio Officer

Chris Masto

Senior Managing Director

Michael Mastruzzo

Senior Manager

Adam Max

Managing Principal

Timothy Mayhew

Managing Director

Regina Mayor

Global and U.S. Sector Leader for Energy and Natural Resources

Philip McAndrews

Senior Managing Director and CIO

Joan McCabe

Managing Partner

Jon McCarter

Americas Oil & Gas TAS Leader

Michael McConnell

Managing Director

John McCourt

Audit Partner

Lane McDonald

Global Head of Business & Financial Services

Jason McGann

Vice President

Derrick McGavic

Managing Principal

James McGuigan

Head of Investor Relations

Rob McIntosh

Vice President of Corporate Development

John McKernan

Vice President

Franklin McLarty


Michael McMahon

Managing Director

Ryan McManus

Senior Vice President

Henry McVey

Member & Head of Global Macro and Asset Allocation

Randy Mehl


Ken Mehlman

Global Head of Public Affairs

Markus Meijer

Co-Founder & CEO

Pierre Mellinger

Managing Director

Steven Menaker


Lee Menifee

Head of Americas Investment Research

Jim Merkel

President & CEO

Troy Merkel


Peter Merrigan

Co-Founder & CEO

Christopher Merrill

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Christopher Meyn


David Mezzanotte

Managing Director

Arslan Mian

Managing Director

J. Michael McGuire


Dean Mihas

Managing Director

Michael Milken

Chairman, The Milken Institute and Director

Jim Millar

Managing Director

Girard Miller


Barry Miller

Head of Private Equity

Daniel Miller


Bruce Miller

International Director

Steven Millner

Founding Principal

Tom Mills

Managing Director

Lou Mintz


Sebastián Miralles

Head of Venture Capital and Mezzanine Strategies, Fondo de Fondos

Sebastian Miralles

Managing Partner

Dan Mistler

Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Kate Mitchell

Managing Director, Co-founder

Mahdi Mokrane

Head of Research and Strategy

Nathalie Molina Niño


Jon-Paul Momsen

Senior Managing Director

Aaron Money

Managing Director

Ronald Montalbano

Senior Managing Director, Group Head

Constance Moore

Fisher Center Chair for Real Estate and Urban Economics

Marcelo Moraes

Managing Director & Head of Brazil

Howard Morgan


Jay Morgan


Matt Morrow

Managing Partner

Tyler Morse

CEO & Managing Partner

Raegan Moya-Jones

Founder and CEO

Chester Moynihan

Founding Partner

Jacques Mulder

U.S. Health Sector Leader

Terrence Mullen


Dave Mullen

Chief Executive Officer and Head of Private Equity

Kevin Mundt

Managing Director

Alfonso Munk

Chief Investment Officer, Americas

Kenneth Munkacy

Senior Vice President

Russell Munn

Senior Vice President— Hospitality

Isabella Muñoz Méndez

Executive Director Colombian Association of Private Equity Funds

Victor Muñoz

Managing Director, Denham Capital

Bill Murphy

Managing Director

Tom Murray

Managing Director

Ariel Muslera


David Mussafer

Managing Partner

Scott Myers

Managing Director

Greg Myers

Managing Director