Steven B. Klinsky

Managing Director, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Gavin Backos


John Baczewski


Bronwyn Bailey

Vice President Research and Investor Relations

Steve Bailey

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

Rick Bailine

Principal in Charge, Washington National Tax

Carter Bales

Chairman & Managing Partner

Ed Balogh

Chief Operating Officer


Sanjay Banker


Sean Bannon

Managing Director

Jim Baran

Head of Recruitment

John Barber

Managing Director

Phillip Barker

Senior Managing Director

Steve Barnes

Managing Director

Howard Barnes

Operating Consultant

Matthew Baron


Tom Barrack

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Stephanie Barter


Kathleen Barthmaier

Executive Director

Philip Bass


Andrew Baum

Visiting Professor of Management Practice

Andreas Baumann

Partner, Head Americas and Head Integrated Investments

Alex Beath


Scott Becker

President & CEO

Gil Beer


Morag Beers

Director of Real Estate

David Beisel

Co-Founder & Partner

Jeb Belford

Managing Director

Gregory Belinfanti

Senior Managing Director

Alison Bellino


Brent Belzberg

Senior Managing Partner

Jordan Berger

Director of Policy Compliance

Brian Bernasek

Managing Director

Dr. Bernd Pfister

Managing Director, Paros Capital Chairman,

Michael Bernstein


Kim Betancourt

‎Director of Economics and Market Research, Fannie Mae

Megan Bethke

Senior Portfolio Manager

Piyush Bhardwaj

Manging Principal

Rahul Bhasin

CEO, Managing Partner, Managing Director

Marleen Bikker-Bekkers

Managing Partner

Mark Bisso

Managing Director

Jeff Bistrong

Managing Director

Leon Black

Chairman, CEO

Debra Black


Adam Black

Head of Sustainability

Kay Blackwell

Managing Director

Franci Blassberg


Robert Blaustein


Neil Bluhm

Managing Principal

Adi Blum

Managing Director

Adam Blumenthal

Managing Partner

Cristiano Boccia

Managing Director, Lating America

Stuart Boesky

Chief Executive Officer

Hank Boggio

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Andrew Bonanno

Managing Director of Business Development

Jonathon Bond

Partner, Head of Investor Development

David Bonderman

Founding Partner

Mauro Bonugli

Director, Private Equity Consulting Leader, East Region

Fernando Borges

Managing Director, Head of South America Buyout Group

Francisco Borges

Chairman & Managing Partner

Paula Bosco

Managing Director, CCO & Chief Regulatory Counsel,

Loren Boston

Senior Managing Director

Elliott Bouillion

President and CEO

Andrew Bowden


Patrick Boyce

Partner, Head of Private Equity

Cheryl Boyer


Amy Boyle

Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Melissa Brady


Peter Braffman

Managing Director

Joseph Brancato

Regional Managing Partner

Michael Brand

Senior Director, Real Assets Investment Research

Sergio Brandao

Partner, Head of Energy

Gunnar Branson

President & CEO

John Breckenridge

Global Leader, Clean Energy & Infrastructure

Hauke Brede

Chief Risk Officer

John Breen

Global Head of Private Equity Funds & Secondaries

Richard Brekka

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Michael Brennan

Chairman, Managing Principal

Frank Brenninkmeyer

Managing Director

Todd Bright

Head of North America Infrastructure Investment

John Brittain

Senior Partner

Vaughn Brock

Director of Special Projects

Jamie Brodsky

Managing Director

Andy Brogan

Global Oil & Gas Transactions Leader

Erick Bronner

Global Head, Fundraising and Investor Relations

Nikki Brown

Managing Director

Andrew Brown

Managing Director and the Chief Investment Officer

Les Brown

COO & Managing Director

Christophe Browne

Director, Secondaries

Martin Brühl

Joe Brusuelas

Chief Economist

Eduardo Buarque de Almeida


Tim Buchner

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Cia Buckley Marakovits

Chief Investment Officer, Partner, Managing Director and Member of the Investment Committee

Natasha Buckley

Investment Practices Manager

Ryan Budlong

Managing Director

Scott Budoff


Peer Buergin


Jeffrey Bunder

Global Private Equity Leader

Brian Bunker

Managing Director

Andre Burba

Managing Director

John Burditt

Chief Investment Officer

Jeff Burkett


Joe Burkhart

Managing Director of Business Development

Dan Burstein

Managing Partner

Billy Butcher

Member, Real Estate

Mike Buxton

Private Equity Leader, Asia-Pacific

Deborah Byers

Managing Partner

Timothy Byhre

Director, Financial Advisory Services

Tom Byrne

Director, Performance Improvement Consulting Services