by Rachel Lapidos
February 15, 2016

Execute Business Plans Sooner Rather Than Later

Instead of holding onto real estate assets for the long term and collecting cash flow, Jon-Paul Momsen of Harbert Management Corporation says now could be the time to sell them.

The real estate market is in the operational part of the cycle—in a near-term recovery, but with the possibility that a downturn could occur within the next three to four years. As a consequence, Jon-Paul Momsen, senior managing director of Harbert Management Corporation, says it’s time to execute a business plan as quickly as possible.

“What we’re seeing in today’s environment is, because the recovery is there, oftentimes we’re executing our business plan sooner than we anticipated,” says Momsen. This quick execution ensures that the firm avoids the unknown when the downturn comes.

You can view a clip here:


In the video Momsen also discusses ramping up his retail acquisitions, reducing those in multifamily, and underwriting the next recession. You can watch it or download the transcript here.

Jon-Paul Momsen of Harbert Management Corporation advises those with real estate assets to execute their business plans sooner rather than later.

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