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Carlyle's World

A wide-ranging conversation with Glenn Youngkin, COO of The Carlyle Group. Youngkin gives a detailed overview of Carlyle's macro world view, its inner workings, and his own expansive role at the firm. Why Subscribe? A subscription to Privcap gives you and your team full access to exclusive market intelligence in a variety of convenient and compelling formats. Learn More. -->
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Carlyle’s World

Interviewed by: David Snow

February 7, 2013

Take a tour through the world view and inner workings of The Carlyle Group with a next-generation leader of the firm. In a fascinating, wide-ranging interview with Privcap’s David Snow, Carlyle COO Glenn Youngkin describes the firm’s macro reading of the globe, how the three founders make decisions, and his own role at the firm. This is the first of a two-segment interview.

Topics discussed include: What the performance Carlyle’s 200-plus portfolio companies indicate about the state of the global economy, what was behind the “surprisingly slow” fourth quarter of 2012, warning signs in the “go-go days” of 2007, how Youngkin’s “deal guy” background informs his leadership style, what it was like to work at Carlyle in the mid-1990s before “we woke up and had this enormous firm,” and how he responds to questions that include the word “succession.”